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How Many Steps
in the kitchen
preparing three
simple meals?

How many steps in the kitchen preparing three simple meals?
2,113 steps every single day, of which 1,592 can be saved!

By whatever name, the legendary "HOOSIER" cabinet was once as familiar in the American kitchen as a sink or a stove.

We carry a large selection of authentic and priceless HOOSIERS and also cabinets manufactured by other kitchen cabinet manufacturers, such as • SELLER • NAPPANE • BOONE • McDOUGAL • WILSON • HOOSIER Accesories and Hardware.

We are continuously purchasing, restoring and making these highly sought after collector's pieces available to our customers. Contact us today to find out about the cabinets currently in our showrooms, or to talk with us about restoring your heirloom.

A statement from Mr. Harrington Emerson, The Ladies Journal, October 1921 claims: "It is very clear from our scientific studies of the preparation of meals with and without a Hoosier cabinet that its economics are along three entirely distinct lines: (1) saving of effort, fatigue elimination, (2) saving on time, (3) standardization of work. The savings of energy, shown by the large reduction in the number of steps is very striking."  Mr. Emerson is a member of the Committee on Elimination of Waste in Industry, organized by Mr. Herbert Hoover.

The name Hoosier Cabinet can be attributed to The Hoosier Manufacturing Company of New Castle, Indiana. Founded in 1898, Hoosier had built more than two million cabinets by 1920. The Hoosier Manufacturing Company was the most prolific builder of early kitchen cabinets (Hoosier Cabinets by Philip D. Kennedy)...>>Read More / Hoosier Cabinet History Tidbits